TXT’s Yeonjun And BTS’s Suga Both Share The “BIGHIT’s Legendary Trainee” Title, But In Completely Different Ways

The BTS member revealed it for the first time ever.

The latest episode of BTS Suga‘s YouTube show Suchwita is a treat for all those who have been waiting to see the group’s unfiltered interaction with their juniors, TXT. Yeonjun and Taehyun‘s guest appearance on the show somehow exceeded fans’ expectations regarding both wholesomeness and chaos.

The episode is marked by some legendary moments, from Suga and the TXT members engaging in a constant complimenting battle to them sharing stories from the old BIGHIT MUSIC building. But one of the most unexpected stories to come out of the show today was that both Yeonjun and Suga were legendary trainees of the label.

Ever since he was introduced as a member of TXT, word got around quickly that Yeonjun was dubbed the “BIGHIT’s legendary trainee” before debuting. When Suga mentioned this title, Taehyun jumped on this opportunity to share a story from when he first joined the label as a trainee.

When Yeonjun greeted Taehyun, he told the newcomer to check the monthly evaluation lists. Once Taehyun came back, Yeonjun asked, “Who was ranked at the top?” and he responded, “Choi Yeonjun.” Yeonjun then introduced himself, saying, “Yeah, that’s me.”

As the room broke into laughter, Suga backed up Yeonjun, saying that he, indeed, is that good to have bragging rights. Yeonjun also explained that he felt proud of himself for ranking first as a trainee because before that, he “was lacking in so many ways.”

Suga then suddenly revealed that he, too, was a legendary trainee at the label. Both his juniors were visibly taken aback at this news when the BTS rapper quickly added that it was because he always came last in evaluations but was never kicked out of the company.

Yeonjun tried to debate that he was probably legendary at other things. But Suga kept joking that he, along with RM and Supreme Boi, was always ranked the lowest during trainee evaluations.


To add to the hilarity of the story, some fans even managed to find some old pictures from BTS’s trainee days that prove Suga’s claim irrefutably.

This has to be the most historic day in BIGHIT’s history.