UBS Arena Adds Fun Activities For ARMYs Waiting In Line For BTS Suga’s Agust D Tour

The tour is off to a great start!

BTS Suga’s anticipated SUGA | Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR IN US has finally kicked off at UBS Arena in Belmont Park!

The hype has been very real as it’s Suga’s first-ever solo tour, and many ARMYs were excited to be part of history, attending the first concerts. Since some even had General Admission, ARMYs lined up hours before the concert.

While that might sound boring to some, UBS Arena has provided many activities besides getting merchandise before the concert.

Since D1, UBS Arena’s social media manager has been active. They shared everything from ARMYs’ photos in front of the venue and fit checks…

…to signs and concert highlights!

They’re proved to be a true ARMY themselves! UBS Arena even started playing Suga’s discography.

That’s not all UBS Arena prepared for ARMYs waiting in line, though. Free chalk was provided for ARMYs too.

ARMYs are known to be a creative and talented fandom, so we knew they would transform the outside of UBS Arena.

Sure enough, ARMYs got to work. The artists proved what a diverse fandom they are, too, with so many countries represented.

Chalk made a comeback for Day 2 as well. ARMYs wrote sweet messages as well as drew their countries’ flags and adorable pictures!

This was only one activity UBS Arena prepared for ARMYs. Staff hid puzzle pieces, and finders could earn free concessions!

Free concessions along with free Hennessy (believed to be provided by Suga himself)? Yes, please!

No Need To Pregame: Free Alcohol Served At BTS Suga’s Agust D Tour

ARMYs reported that the venue’s staff weren’t only nice. An ARMY even captured some playfully shouting lyrics to “Magic Shop.”

UBS Arena surely helped make the start of Suga’s tour unforgettable!

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