Former U-KISS’s Eli Takes Up Delivery Jobs To Support His Son And Wife

He has reunited with them.

Second-generation K-Pop fans will know that U-KISS once had a member called Eli. Eli, who is of American citizenship, had married his wife, racing model Ji Yeon Soo in 2017. He and his wife have an age difference of 11 years, leading to many opposing their relationship. The couple have a young son together. They announced their divorce in November 2020.

| @eli_kim91/Instagram

Subsequently, they appeared on We Are Divorced 2, where Eli reunited with his wife and son after two years. They did not see each other as Eli had returned to America.

Father and son had a tearful reunion on the show.

On the preview for the episode to air on May 20, 2022, Eli can be seen going to submit his resume at a food packaging company. Unfortunately, his resume starts and ends with his debut and promotions with U-KISS. Although he has been working as the hall manager at his family’s Korean restaurant in America, the CEO did not appear impressed.

Eli explaining his past experience. | We Are Divorced 2

Although the CEO expressed concerns about Eli’s capabilities and willingness to work, Eli ensured him that he would excel in anything that requires hard labor. Eli now helps to package food products and prepare them for delivery, as well as oversees the delivery.

Eli at his new job. | We Are Divorced 2

The three have reunited officially as a family. Eli decided to stay in Korea for his young son and wife, while Ji Yeon Soo has forgiven her husband.

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