Former U-KISS’s Eli Reveals He And His Wife Will Be Getting Divorced – Here’s Why

They will be going their separate ways.

Back in 2017, former U-KISS‘s Eli had revealed that he had married his wife, Ji Yeon Soo, behind his parents’ backs. As the couple have a 11 year age difference, his parents were against the marriage. His family had not eaten a meal together in 3 years back then.

| @Eli_kim91/Instagram

On 26 November 2020, Eli had revealed on his personal Instagram account that he would be divorcing his wife. Due to personal circumstances, Eli had returned to the US, while his wife remained in Korea with their son, Michael.

Hey everyone. 2020 has been a rough year for all of us. I have some news I would like to share with all of you… My wife and I have decided to separate. I am currently in the US and Michael is living with his mom in Korea. Though I am unable to see Michael at the moment I will go to see him whenever I can and try my hardest to be the father figure that he needs. I don’t know what the future has in store but I pray that Michael and his mom will be happy. We are truly grateful for all of your support over the years and I apologize that things ended this way.

— Eli

The pair had secretly wed in 2014 and Eli had left his post in U-KISS officially, mid-2019. His son had his first year celebrations in 2017. Unfortunately, he’s not the first from the group to experience such pain. Former maknae, Dongho, also divorced his wife of 3 years, back in 2018.

| @Eli_kim91/Instagram
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