Former U-KISS Eli’s Wife Ji Yeon Soo Reveals That Her Mother-In-Law Ran Off With Her Money, Leaving Her To Pay Off Eli’s Debts

She stole the deposit for an apartment.

Following Ji Yeon Soo‘s appearance on Kang Ho Dong’s Rice Heart, former U-KISS‘s Eli and Ji Yeon Soo’s former appearances on other television shows such as House Husband 2 and more have been placed under scrutiny. Eli and Ji Yeon Soo had revealed their relationship and pregnancy to the public in 2016, and announced their divorce in late 2020.

Not only did Ji Yeon Soo reveal that their happy couple life was all an act for television, she also shared that while he is still living a happy, single life in America, she is unable to correct her marital status in South Korea as he is not cooperating with the provision of necessary documents to file for divorce. She is considering taking out a lawsuit against him to get properly divorced.

Ji Yeon Soo shockingly revealed to the public on Kang Ho Dong’s Rice Heart that her mother-in-law had once run off with her money. This comes as a shock to the public as Eli’s family had been revealed on television as quite well off, with a huge 3 story house in Virginia. They also own a large-scale Korean restaurant in the states.

Ji Yeon Soo shared that her mother-in-law had lived in Korea during Eli’s tenure as an idol. After she and Eli had signed the marriage documents legally, her mother-in-law told Eli that she wanted to live in an apartment. The pair had paid for the deposit on the apartment and gotten it under Eli’s name. Eventually, her mother-in-law had made a suggestion to Eli, and promised that she would be more accepting of Ji Yeon Soo and stop bothering her, if and only if, they changed the deed for the house to be under her name instead. Eli had done so immediately without consulting Ji Yeon Soo.

This enabled her mother-in-law to take the deposit money out and return back to The States. Ji Yeon Soo revealed that she lost her trust in her husband because of this issue and has not received any money back.

Not only that, Ji Yeon Soo revealed that she had been the one paying for her husband’s car loans after he impulsively purchased a luxury car. She had sold 10 of her bags in order to pay for it. Even after the divorce, the multiple loans she had to take out to pay off living expenses and bills due to their married life, resulted in her having bad credit. She has 8 more years to pay off the debts.

Watch her heart-breaking confession here.