Former U-KISS Eli’s Wife Claims That They Were Acting As A Perfect Couple All Along For Television

Her confession was heart-breaking.

Second-generation K-Pop fans will know that U-KISS once had a member called Eli. Eli, who is of American citizenship, had married his wife, racing model Ji Yeon Soo in 2017. He and his wife have an age difference of 11 years, leading to many opposing their relationship. The couple have a young son together. They announced their divorce in November 2020. The divorce is currently still pending.

The couple had appeared on reality program, Mr House Husband previously. The show gave viewers a peak into their married life. However, on March 29, 2021, Ji Yeon Soo appeared on Kang Ho Dong’s Rice Heart and belatedly revealed to the public that they had merely been putting up a show.

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Calling her and her husband a “show window couple“, Ji Yeon Soo explained that they have yet to deal with the documents completely for divorce. She was envious of those that have divorced cleanly and swiftly and shared that she might have to file a lawsuit to get things done. Ji Yeon Soo further revealed that she was relieved that the news of divorce was made public so that she did not have to act as a happy couple any further.

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As their television work was directly linked to their relationship as a couple, Ji Yeon Soo and Eli had no choice but to pretend to be getting along fine. However, Ji Yeon Soo claims that their relationship was so sour that she cries whenever she thinks about those times.

Eli has yet to speak officially on the revelations that Ji Yeon Soo made on the show.


Source: DongA