Underground Japanese Idol Group’s “Kiss Event” Leaves Netizens Shocked

The controversy broke from a single picture.

Korean blogging forums are on fire over one certain post revealing a “kiss event” held by a Japanese underground idol group.

The post in question is circulating across the internet as a screengrab, where two people can be seen smooching in a picture. The picture’s description claims that it is from the band’s fan event, where after the usual fan-idol handshake, fans also got in the queue for a kiss. The OP (original poster) identified the group as Qppo, an Osaka-based underground idol group.

| theqoo

In the picture, it appears that a man and a woman are kissing, but the OP mentioned that both of them are actually male.

| theqoo

A handshake event followed by a kiss event…

They’re an Osaka based idol group calld Qppo.

Their catchphrase is ‘4th generation idol who wants to become a woman.’

Though, the person on the right is a man.

— OP in the screenshot

Qppo is a four-member idol group consisting of members ShuriUnoMakichan, and Chiaki.

(from left to right) Makichan, Chiaki, Shuri, and Uno | @qppo_idol/Instagram

The member that is in the picture is supposedly Makichan, and though the OP claimed that they are a male person, from their Instagram feed, it seems clear that they have consistently been presenting as a woman. But it is not clear whether it is Makichan’s gender expression or an act of cross-dressing.

| @maki_oyogu/Instagram

Qppo was formed in 2014 and started promoting with the tagline “Osaka’s most unsuccessful idols.” In fact, all the social media handles of the group still have this tagline in their descriptions. Before the current lineup, a total of seventeen members have joined and left the group, with Makichan, the founding member, being the only one who remained. Shuri and Uno both joined the group in 2021, and Chiaki joined in 2022.

| @chiaki_qppo/Instagram
| @shuri_qppo/Instagram
| @uno_qppo/Instagram

Qppo debuted in 2017 with the single “qppo.ep.” In 2019, they came out with their first album, We Are the Worst Famous Idol in Osaka!!!!. The group has its own YouTube channel, and each member has their own social media account in addition to the group’s own handles.

This “kiss event” held by this group has drawn a lot of attention from Korean netizens, who are both confused and upset with its concept.

| theqoo
  • “What?! I thought that they were treating women’s rights as its lowest, but turns out they’re both men…?”
  • “What is this….”
  • “Huh..??”
  • “Blegh…I thought it would be something funny because the [post’s] category is humor ㅜㅠㅠ”
  • “What is this? Wow…they really have weird minds.”
  • “When you capture and consume gravure so easily, of course, ideas to package prostitution into events would also come up eventually.”
| theqoo
  • “They’re basically selling their bodies…”
  • “Blegh! What the hell.”
  • “Ah f*ck, my eyes.”
  • “I was so shocked that I looked them up, and apparently, they have only one male member, and the rest are women. It looks like the male member was originally a comedian. Um, I hope the other members are not doing things like that.”
  • “They’re really doing all kinds of sh*t.”
Source: theqoo and Japanese Music Wiki
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