Hanyang University Students Protest WINNER From Performing At Upcoming Festival

Students continue to protest anything related to YG and Seungri.

Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus announced that WINNER will be performing at their upcoming festival on May 21.


However, a group of students began protesting WINNER’s appearance, demanding that they cancel since WINNER is a part of YG Entertainment that’s involved with Seungri’s scandal.

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The students emphasized that they were only protesting WINNER because of their connection to YG Entertainment. They understand that WINNER has no fault with the scandal but the students do not want their tuitions to profit YG Entertainment.

They also demanded the student body government to cancel their performance.

After the Burning Sun gate broke, it was revealed that assault, illegal drug use and transaction, sexual harassment, prostitution, and more happened on a frequent basis at the club. It was also revealed that BIGBANG’s Seungri, who was an executive director at the time, was involved in prostitution, mediating prostitution, spreading illegal sex cam footages and more. The main issue is that YG is connected to these scandals.

We are protesting against parts of our tuitions being given to YG, a center full of criminals. We are not putting the blame on WINNER. We are protesting against the root of the problem, which is YG. If we pay YG artists, part of that payment goes to the agency. The money we give to WINNER will most definitely fall partially into YG’s profits.

There were better options for our community. The student body government has to explain why they chose this option when they had so many others to choose from. They need to make the correct decision to right the wrong choice that they’ve made with our tuition.

— Hanyang ERICA Campus students


This isn’t the first time YG artists have faced backlash from university festivals due to the Seungri Scandal. iKON was recently protested but ultimately continued on with the show.


Hangyang’s ERICA Campus student body government soon responded that they had “no intention to indirectly help a certain agency profit.” They have yet to announce whether they will cancel or continue with WINNER’s scheduled performance.

Source: Chosun Ilbo