“Most Unserious Editors”: BTS ARMYs Can’t Get Over One Particular Scene In The New Teaser Of “Suchwita”

“I have no clue who this man could be…”

BTS member Suga‘s YouTube talk show Suchwita has steadily risen in popularity over its last thirteen episodes. Despite hosting various guests, some aspects of the show remain constant. Suga’s warm hospitality, the funny moments with the guests getting drunk, and of course, the infamous sugar cube used in every episode’s teaser.

“Suchwita” episode 7 teaser | @BTS/YouTube

When the teaser for the show’s first episode came out, fans couldn’t stop clowning the BIGHIT editors’ efforts (or the lack thereof) in hiding the guest’s identity. All they did was place a giant sugar cube on top of his face, but viewers could still hear his voice, and in some parts of the teaser, they could also see his face partially, which was enough for them to make out that it was none other than RM.

Since then, every teaser has become an inside joke among fans, who gave in and accepted that the sugar cube is there just for decorative purposes. The only time it successfully confused ARMYs about a guest’s identity was in the episode 12 teaser, where a third guest unexpectedly joined midway.

Suchwita just released the teaser of episode 14, and the sugar cube is back to its original form. Only a few seconds in, and fans could practically see J-Hope‘s entire face in the frame.

But there is one scene in particular that has fans in splits about the editing style of the teaser all over again. During the taping of this episode, Suga celebrated J-Hope’s birthday with a cake and a birthday song. The editors decided to put that part in the teaser and even added J-Hope’s name in the caption for added clarity. But in the same frame, they had his face covered with the sugar cube graphic.

Moments after the teaser was out, fans couldn’t believe that the editors had pulled such an unserious move.

Meanwhile, fans are excited to see J-Hope on screen again, given that it has been a little over two months since he enlisted. The episode will be out on July 19, 10 pm KST.