Upcoming JTBC K-Drama “Snowdrop” Will Have No PPL Advertisements Following Recent Industry Controversies

They are trying to avoid as many controversies as possible.

Upcoming JTBC K-Drama Snowdrop will reportedly not be accepting any PPL advertisements following recent controversies surrounding product ads in recent dramas.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Kyunghyang, Snowdrop will not be accepting any PPL sponsorships for the duration of their drama, and instead only accepting production support and virtual advertisements.

Usually advertisements are determined by the actors in the work and the theme of the drama or movie. In the case of period dramas, the time period makes it difficult to work in product placement.

Advertisements are usually confirmed two weeks prior to the broadcast of the show, but because the lineup of actors is so strong, we think a there will be a lot of good ads.

Snowdrop advertising official

In this case, the anonymous Snowdrop advertising official is talking about the advertisements before and after the drama airs, not specific product placement during the drama itself.

Earlier, dramas such as Vincenzo and Joseon Exorcist came under fire for their inappropriate product placement, using Chinese products in a Korean produced drama. K-Drama fans are hoping that Snowdrop does not follow the same path of upsetting netizens with historical inaccuracies and poor product placement.

Fanmade poster for Snowdrop.
Source: Sports Kyunghyang