“All Of Us Are Dead”‘s Im Jae Hyuk Gained 32 Kilograms For His Role In The Zombie Series—And Then Lost It All After

The dedication he had is unmatched 🤯

It’s no secret that the record breaking apocalyptic zombie series All of Us Are Dead has been dominating viewership ratings and charts all over the globe ever since its January 28, 2022 premiere. The Netflix production captivated the global audience with its thrilling plot and amazing casting decisions. And while all the actors did a phenomenal job in the series, there is a one actor who is making headlines for his unmatched dedication to his role—and it’s none other than Im Jae Hyuk.

Actor Im Jae Hyuk | Netflix

Im Jae Hyuk plays the role of the loyal high school student, Yang Dae Su in the zombie outbreak production and his image was perfect for the role. The strong build that Dae Su became known for on the series became an important part of his identity, as he would fight the zombies head on and protect his fellow students from the attacks.

And while his character became a quick fan favorite, it’s been belatedly revealed that the actor not only dedicated himself to the role by immersing into his acting, but also through his physical physique.

Im Jae Hyuk as Dae Su in “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

According to former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho, Im Jae Hyuk has always been known for his bigger frame, going back as far as his agency casting. It was in 2019, however, that his label suggested that he “lose a little weight,” which the actor took very seriously. Lee Jin Ho revealed that following that comment, the All of Us Are Dead actor came back—30 kilograms (about 66 pounds) lighter.

Noticeably slimmer Im Jae Hyuk back in 2019 | @jhyuk.im/Instagram

With such a drastic weight loss, it’s difficult to imagine how hard Im Jae Hyuk must have worked to achieve his results. However, all of his hard work proved to be misaligned with his production line-up, as he scored the role of Dae Su in the zombie series. The catch? The All of Us Are Dead production team envisioned Dae Su as a heavier male character—and requested Im Jae Hyuk to gain weight.

Im Jae Hyuk as Dae Su in “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

Like before, the actor showed off his dedication through his actions. After working hard to lose 30 kilograms per his agency’s request, Im Jae Hyuk regained 32 kilograms (about 71 pounds) per the All of Us Are Dead production team’s request.

| Netflix

However, following the filming conclusion of the zombie flick, it was further reported that the actor decided to shed some of his weight gain for his own preference—and lost a whopping 25 kilograms (about 55 pounds). According to reports, Im Jae Hyuk currently weighs a healthy 82 kilograms (about 181 pounds) at his 5’11 height.

Recent photo of Im Jae Hyuk looking slimmed down following his portrayal as Yang Dae Su | @jhyuk.im/Instagram

The actor took dedication to a whole different level!

In related news, Im Jae Hyuk previously made headlines when it was revealed that he was working “numerous part-time jobs” to make ends meet—despite his All of Us Are Dead fame. You can read more about that here:

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