Naver V Original Reveled New EXO Content “Sim For You” Will Premiere In March And EXO-Ls Are So Ready

Yes, Please!!

On February 12 (KST), Naver’s V Live Original revealed a new line up for 2019.

Among the many new and renewed contents, EXO will be back with a brand new show, “Sim For You“. It is said fans will be able to see each member’s charms that were never seen before.

No details have been released, but it is enough to make EXO-Ls beyond thrilled since V Live Original has featured fun contents like EXO Arcade and EXO VLive Broadcast in the past.

“Sim For You… Heart Explosion You = Does it mean they’re going to explode our hearts with EXO? Which way should I bow…?”

“EXO Sim For You? For Reals? It should be real since it’s on the news, right? V appㅜㅜ I love itㅜㅜㅜ I can’t wait till March comes around..”

“I don’t know what Sim For You is but if it’s about EXO, I’m excited.”

Source: 10 Asia


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