VERIVERY Receives Support From K-Pop Fans After “Heartbreaking” Screenshots From The Group’s 3rd Anniversary Live Broadcast

The celebratory broadcast came only a few days following the controversy involving member Minchan.

On January 6, 2022, boy group VERIVERY‘s Minchan faced heavy backlash after talking about a female idol and evaluating her looks on a live broadcast. Shortly after, the member apologized for his “actions and careless words” on Twitter and other official social media platforms.

VERIVERY’s Minchan | Jellyfish Entertainment

Then on January 9, VERIVERY held their third debut anniversary live broadcast. While the members had gathered to celebrate three years together, they seemed composed and solemn—likely as the broadcast followed Minchan’s recent controversy.

VERIVERY members, including Minchan (far left) | VERIVERY/V Live

About five minutes in, Minchan got a chance to apologize once again for what he had said. He got up and bowed at the camera, reflecting on his actions and promising VERIVERY fans that “it will never happen again.”

First of all, I’m truly sorry. I apologize to the person I offended with my thoughtless words and to the fans whom I have made uncomfortable with my behavior. I plan on getting in touch with the idol to personally apologize again. I promise this will never, ever happen again. I’m sorry.

— Minchan

Eventually, the broadcast lightened up as VERIVERY munched on snacks and tried their hands at crafts. Throughout the hour though, Minchan remained noticeably quiet and cautious. When screenshots of the broadcast began circulating online, K-Pop fans greatly sympathized with the members and shared words of support and encouragement for the group.

Congratulating VERIVERY on their third anniversary and also pointing out the “importance of forgiveness,” online communities across the board agreed that fans accept Minchan’s apology and let the group move on from the controversy.

  • “Minchan apologized immediately after AND apologized during the anniversary broadcast. I find that more than enough, personally. I’m not even VERIVERY’s fan and I feel like asking more from him would be unreasonable.”
  • “VERIVERY isn’t my group and TBH, I don’t really know them well. But he apologized twice. That’s enough. I hope he won’t ever make the same mistake. I feel for the member.”
  • “VERIVERY fans must be devastated right now… I’m sure Minchan learned his lesson. He’ll probably never make this mistake again.”
  • “Geez… He said sorry! Let him celebrate.”
  • [Deleted Comment]
  • “This breaks my heart, really. Yes, he made a mistake by saying some careless things. But I don’t know if it was to the point that they have to be this criticized for it. What he said is terrible but he apologized for his words. That’s it, then. The end. Isn’t it? This anniversary broadcast must have been super meaningful to the group and their fans. It sucks that it had to be like this. Happy three years.”
  • “Compared to some of the other controversies… I don’t feel like this deserved so much heat. I mean, the member took responsibility for his actions and apologized. He’s doing what he can to fix his wrongs. So why so much hate still? I hope VERIVERY overcomes this as a group and have a great debut anniversary day. They have my support.”
  • “Stop hating on the dude, he said sorry!”

One comment criticized the current “Cancel Culture” in K-Pop to be excessive and urged the internet to be more “mature” in responding to mistakes and apologies.

| @the_verivery/Instagram

Look, he got his butt kicked for his actions. He apologized twice for what he did. Now watch him learn from his mistakes and become a better person. Give him a chance, it is the least we can do as fellow human beings. Let us be mature.

— Netizen

Source: THEQOO