Veteran Actor Kim Yong Gun Gets Sued After Allegedly Threatening His 37-Year-Old Girlfriend To Get An Abortion

The actor has since responded.

Veteran actor Kim Yong Gun has found himself in the middle of a controversy at 75-years-old.

Actor Kim Yong Gun.

Just a few days ago, a woman (referred to as Ms. A) stepped forward with claims alleging that she has been in a romantic relationship with Kim Yong Gun for the past 13 years. According to Ms. A, the two met at a drama wrap party in 2008 and has been involved ever since. In addition to that, Ms. A made even further claims that she is pregnant with the actor’s child. According to news reports, however, the veteran actor is against the pregnancy — and requested for an abortion.

According to Korea Joongang Daily, Kim Yong Gun is now being accused of “threatening and forcing an abortion on Ms. A, who is 39 years younger than him.” Further reports claimed that the veteran actor “[forced] an abortion” due to doubts about the child being his.

Are you sure it’s my child? The gestational period doesn’t add up. Give up on receiving child support.

— Alleged statement made by Kim Yong Gun reported by Korea Joongang Daily

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Ms. A has also filed a lawsuit against Kim Yong Gun for alleged verbal and physical abuse, making even further allegations against the actor. Ms. A’s legal representatives have stated that “since appointing a lawyer two months ago, Ms. A has been waiting for Mr. Kim to reflect and apologize, but has seen no signs of remorse.” They continued by sharing that “during the waiting period, the violence and the threats became severe, which is why Ms. A has gone forward with the lawsuit.”

It’s been further reported that Kim Yong Gun responded to Ms. A after receiving news about the lawsuit. Ms. A alleged that the actor suddenly texted her out of the blue, saying “let’s live happily together.” Due to Ms. A’s claims of being verbally assaulted for two months prior, she shared that she didn’t respond to Kim Yong Gun given the sudden change in his position.

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Following the allegations, Kim Yong Gun released a personal statement to address the ongoing controversy. The actor claimed that he has repeatedly shared his support for Ms. A’s pregnancy, as he stated that he would “take responsibility and support the child.” 

He also further shared that he admits that his initial reaction to the pregnancy news was not ideal, as he was “surprised and worried about how [his] sons would take it, and how society would view [him].” After “pleading, complaining and getting angry,” about the situation, the actor shared that he finally came to the realization that “the child’s life is more important than [his] image.”

Kim Yong Gun’s personal statement was not well received by Ms. A’s side, however, who claimed that the actor only released it to “maintain his positive image.”

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As the ongoing controversy continues, Kim Yong Gun’s legal side shared that they “would refrain from giving any rebuttals at [this] time.”

While we have things to say regarding Ms. A’s allegations, Kim Yong Gun will be refraining from explaining his position in the hopes that the child will not be hurt.

The investigation will reveal any confirmation and if there is a punishment, it will be received properly.

— Kim Yong Gun’s legal representative

Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: JoongAng Daily, Naver News and Money Today