V HEARTBEAT Reveals X1 Will Not Be Walking The Red Carpet

The recent “PRODUCE 101” controversy causes more problems in X1’s promotions.

Despite the recent Produce 101 controversy that’s causing issues with their schedules, X1 was confirmed to perform at V LIVE’s first awards ceremony, called V HEARTBEAT.

Although they will be performing at the awards show, Naver updated with a new statement announcing that X1 will not be appearing on the red carpet.

V HEARTBEAT released the list of stars who will be walking the red carpet, which were basically every artists and hosts who were attending that night. The list included NCT, AB6IX, TXT, Stray Kids, ITZY, CIX, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, GOT7 and more, but X1 was left off the list.

V HEARTBEAT had previously announced that they cannot cancel X1’s appearance on the show despite the recent controversies as they had already made a contractual agreement for their performance.

As it was a schedule that was promised prior [to the controversy], we cannot cancel their appearance unilaterally and cause damages.


Source: isplus