VIBE’s Yoon Min Soo Pleads He’s Innocent At The 9th Gaonchart Music Awards

He also pled for his agency-mates.

At the 9th Gaonchart Music Awards, VIBE’s Yoon Min Soo and vocalist Jang Hye Jin won the Artist of this Year, Digital Music Part June 2019 Award for their duet track “Drunk on Love”.


While delivering his acceptance speech, Yoon Min Soo spoke up about the current chart manipulation allegations against his group VIBE and his agency MAJOR9 Entertainment

Hi, I’m Yoon Min Soo who cannot live a single day in my sane mind these days because of all the misunderstandings and accusations…

— Yoon Min Soo


… and clarified that he and his fellow agency-mates are entirely innocent.

Last year during the concert, I told the audience. And today, I’d like to tell the sunbaes and hoobaes here — as well as the viewers watching at home. VIBE did nothing shameful. Our agency, MAJOR9, and its artists are being accused too. But I want all of them to continue making music and singing with the same pride they always have had. I simply wish that this whole controversy leads to the wrongs being fixed and to honest artists not being harmed.

— Yoon Min Soo


Unfortunately — especially with the recent Unanswered Questions episode discussing the reality of chart manipulation in detail — the netizens remain unconvinced by Yoon Min Soo’s stance.


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Source: THEQOO