ONCEs Believe The “Push Down” Trick To Chart Manipulation Affected TWICE Multiple Times

“This was one of the most shocking things that I’ve seen them do…”

Since the most recent episode of Unanswered Questions revealing K-Pop’s darkest secrets behind the “chart manipulations”, ONCEs have come to believe that TWICE had fallen victim to the “system”.


In the episode, Tiger JK revealed these chart manipulating agencies use a technique called the “Push Down”. He explained, “They work on weakening the competition so they can boost the song they need to manipulate on to the top of the chart.”

Let’s say Yoon Mirae is the main rival to the artist for which the agency is trying to manipulate the chart. And if Yoon Mirae is known to do really well on the chart with all her songs, they use a technique called the ‘Push Down’ before they even list the other song on the chart.

— Tiger JK


Upon exposing the “Push Down” technique, Tiger JK commented that it is one of the most shocking things he learned about the lengths these agencies will go to manipulate the charts.

They will try to weaken Yoon Mirae by promoting three other ballad songs that have similar vibes to Yoon Mirae’s on the day that Yoon Mirae’s song comes out. As these “similar” songs rise up the chart, Yoon Mirae’s would obviously get pushed down. This was one of the most shocking things that I’ve seen them do, personally.

— Tiger JK


With that said, ONCEs are convinced that TWICE had been “pushed down” several times by this manipulative trick. In fact, back when artists like Nilo and Shaun ignited the very initial chart manipulation suspicion, TWICE songs did step down in rank right below the alleged sajaegi tracks.


Both ONCEs and other artists are fed up with these unfair, manipulative gimmicks that ruin the different music charts for everyone on them. K-Pop as a whole is slowly coming to stand up against chart manipulation, with Park Kyung and Unanswered Questions to thank.

Source: THEQOO