Here’s The Inspiring Reason VICTON Are Being Praised For Their Environmentally Friendly Approach To Their Latest Comeback

“The whole K-pop industry should take notes…”

Across the world, the purchasing of albums has declined due to the increased popularity of streaming websites. Yet, one industry that has not seen this is K-Pop. It seems as if more and more fans are buying physical albums from their favorite artists, and you can’t blame them!

BTS’s latest album “Butter” but not mentioned in context | HYBE

Not only do K-Pop fans get CDs, but they are also treated to amazing photobooks full of amazing images…

BTS’s concept image in album | BigHit Entertainment

And inclusions galore, like bookmarks and stickers, and including the world-famous and highly-collectible photocards! These small pieces of cards can go for hundreds of dollars as netizens try to collect all their favorite idols.

K-Pop photocards can be sold for huge sums of money | eBay

That idea of consumerism, particularly the rising popularity of collecting photocards has come under fire from netizens.

On an online forum, a netizen posted an image of boxes of NCT’s new Universe albums left on the side of the road. Many thought they would’ve bought this many to either try and get into a fansign or to get the photocards.

However, K-Pop group VICTON has recently gained attention from fans for making strides to combat this.

The members of VICTON | @VICTON1109/Twitter

The group has just come back with their latest track, “Chronograph,” and has once again showcased just how talented they are.

| VICTON/ YouTube 

Yet, they have also gained a lot of worldwide recognition after VICTON and their company IST Entertainment announced a brand new way of buying albums with the environment in mind.

In an announcement, it was revealed that fans would have the option to purchase a digital album. With this option, only the photocard will be mailed to them, and there will be a link for the fans to download the album.

Yet, if fans were worried about the sales data for the groups, the digital album purchases would also count towards the data. Yet, alongside being cheaper than the usual album, it is trying to combat the waste garbage produced from these albums.

However, fans are still able to purchase the physical album if they choose to, which will have the CD, photocard, and other extras, including a trilogy card, posted, and pop-up card.

The contents of the full album | @VICTON1109/Twitter

When the tweet was shared, fans of VICTON (ALICE) couldn’t be prouder of their group…

Even netizens who might not have been aware of the group shared their praise for the members and their company for trying to make a difference.

This is a huge step in the K-Pop industry and has combined the increasing popularity of digital streaming with the K-Pop demand for photocards.

It also seems as if more and more K-Pop agencies are trying to find ways to make their albums more environmentally friendly. For WINNER‘s Mino announced his album, YG Entertainment explained that it would be producing the albums with as many environmentally friendly materials as possible.

Mino’s third album To Infinity | @ygent_official/Twitter

K-Pop agencies are starting to prove that they are willing to make changes in order to help the environment, but there is still a long way to go. With groups like VICTON taking the lead on finding environmentally friendly alternatives, it will surely spread to the rest of the industry.

You can read more about the issue of mass consumerism and the environment below.

Netizens Raise Concerns Over Mass-Purchasing After Boxes Of K-Pop Albums Were Dumped On Streets

Source: @vivic_416
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