VICTON’s Han Seungwoo Reveals The Image People Have Of Him Is Actually Far From The Truth

In an interview, Han Seungwoo touched upon his image, music, and more!

VICTON‘s Han Seungwoo talked about the image he thinks people have of him, and also gave his thoughts on his upcoming solo comeback!

Han Seungwoo held a photoshoot and interview with Singles magazine and talked about music, how he’s been doing, and his goals for his twenties.

When asked what he’s been up to lately, he revealed that he was busy making music, and also commented on how he wants to take a more personal approach to music!

I’ve been making time for myself. I’ve been focused on making music these days. Whenever I have time I am at the recording studio. I am always listening to music when I am on the move. Funnily enough, I come up with lyrics more when I’m in the car than at the actual studio.

I hope that it would just show who I am, as an honest Han Seungwoo. I want to create music that shows my truth.

—Han Sungwoo

Han Seungwoo is slated to make his first solo comeback in the month of June, and with regards to his second album, he talked about the kind of music he wants to fill the album with!

Although nothing is set in stone, I would like to do music that is more honest and sincere. I’ve always received attention for being a performance artist, but I would like to be recognized as an artist that can sing.

I think it’s time for me to widen my music spectrum.

—Han Seungwoo

Han Seunwoo also touched upon the subject of his image, revealing his actual personality to be far from what people think of it as!

I think because I am the oldest member, people think I am serious and calm and have a trustworthy image. But actually, I am quite the opposite. I actually am more of a follower than a leader and am very outgoing and like to talk a lot.

It’s not that I don’t like the serious image; I’m just worried that people might think of me as a boring person. That’s why I try to show my bright side more.

—Han Seungwoo

Han Seungwoo made his solo debut in August 2020 with the album Fame and accompanying title track “Sacrifice”, and will be making his first solo comeback in June.

Are you excited for his comeback?

Source: Singles Korea
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