“I See Handcuffs” — Eerie Video Of Fortune Teller Predicting Lee Sun Kyun’s Future Goes Viral Amidst His Drug Allegations

The video was from three years ago.

Amidst the investigation into actor Lee Sun Kyun for drug use allegations, a video of a fortune teller interpreting his future as someone “wearing handcuffs” has gone viral.

Lee Sun Kyun | Lotte Entertainment

Recently, it was confirmed that Lee Sun Kyun was the top star with the initial “L” accused of drug use. Police officials confirmed this, along with the information that he did marijuana and paid a large sum of money to his drug dealer for drugs.

Due to his drug allegations, Lee Sun Kyun was removed from his upcoming K-Drama No Way Out, which was set to start filming earlier this week. The production team officially announced his departure from the show.


Although the investigation is ongoing, the Incheon Police reported that Lee Sun Kyun abused drugs at an adult establishment with eight other people, including an aspiring celebrity, a chaebol heiress, and workers there.

On October 20, it was reported that Lee Sun Kyun had been blackmailed by his drug dealer to send them ₩300 million KRW (about $222,000 USD). It was revealed that the drug dealer was the manager of the adult establishment he had visited.

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Although news of Lee Sun Kyun’s drug abuse has recently become known to the public, a video from three years ago of a fortune teller gives people the chills.

Three years ago, on March 3, 2020, a video was uploaded to the YouTube channel AlmightyTV featuring a fortune-telling who interpreted the saju of prominent figures. Saju is a type of fortune-telling that analyzes the unchangeable destiny of a person that is determined by the hour, day, and year of the person’s birth.

In this video, she read the fortunes of three people involved in the award-winning movie Parasite: director Bong Joon Ho, actor Song Kang Ho, who played the father of the poor Kim family, and Lee Sun Kyun, who played the father of the wealthy Park family.

Song Kang Ho, Park So Dam, Bong Joon Ho, Lee Jung Eun, Choi Woo Sik, and Lee Sun Kyun (left to right) | Variety

In the video, she was given their birth dates and full names. Upon receiving information about Lee Sun Kyun, the fortune teller had a puzzled expression as she hesitated to speak for a moment. When she finally spoke, the words she said shocked audiences.

Why do I see him wearing handcuffs?

— Fortune teller

| AlmightyTV/YouTube 

She continued by emphasizing that he would be in this situation not by his own will but by others. She was puzzled by why this appeared for him and looked deeper at Lee Sun Kyun’s fortune before revealing another detail she saw in his future: he was getting an injection.

This person wouldn’t do such a thing, right? [Producer: “Drugs?“] Yeah. Why do I see him leaving with handcuffs and getting an injection?

— Fortune teller

The producer appeared to be speechless, too. Breaking the silence, the fortune teller shared what she was told.

I don’t know, but I’m just going to tell you what I’m told: ‘Hey, you foolish guy, don’t let the fame you’ve built collapse overnight.

— Fortune teller


She continued to deliver the message she was given, and it was a warning for Lee Sun Kyun.

‘Be careful, as you can lose the reputation you’ve built up layer by layer in the blink of an eye. Using your brain to play tricks won’t solve anything.’

— Fortune teller

The fortune teller then gave an exact month in which Lee Sun Kyun should be extra careful. Ironically, three years later, on the month she mentioned, Lee Sun Kyun was brought under investigation for his drug use.

Especially, October. I’m told this is when he should be careful.

— Fortune teller


She continuously appeared puzzled by Lee Sun Kyun’s fortune reading and shared that she had never felt this feeling before. Her readings for Bong Joon Ho and Song Kang Ho did not have anything too negative or severe, so it was clear that Lee Sun Kyun’s reading stood out from the others.

As this video went viral for its chilling accuracy, inquiries about the contact information of the fortune teller in the video poured in. However, AlmightyTV stated on October 20 that the video was filmed three years ago, and the fortune teller in the video passed away due to health issues.

Netizens commented on the video, praising and expressing amazement at the fortune teller’s accuracy.

| AlmightyTV/YouTube
  • “Even guessing just the handcuffs would have been amazing, but she guessed the drugs part + the part that it was becoming another person’s will + October. This is insane.”
  • “She must have been so shocked when this was the fortune for an actor who became more famous through ‘Parasite’ three years ago… But the fact that she guessed everything correctly is so admirableㅠㅠ. I’m heartbroken that she passed away due to poor health… My condolences to her…”
  • “I can really trust her because normally when fortune tellers guess celebrity’s fortunes for content, they give readings where you can’t guess who they are or conceal the identities to look more admirable. But this person said all this after revealing who the celebrity is… At that time, Lee Sun Kyun’s image was definitely positive. Her facial expression is no joke, too… She would have thrived if she were alive. It’s a shame.”
  • “I try not to believe in fortune telling, but I can’t help but acknowledge it because of people like her. I can feel her honesty as she gave the reading… Rest in peace.”
  • “It’s so fascinating that she guessed everything correctly. She has such poise and politeness, like a wise person. My condolences.”

Lee Sun Kyun’s agency, HODU&U Entertainment, stated that they are verifying the accurate facts regarding the investigation into Lee Sun Kyun’s drug use allegations and will sincerely cooperate with the investigation by law enforcement agencies.

Source: AlmightyTV and News1