Vietnamese Girl Group SGO48 Accused of Plagiarizing IZ*ONE’s Teaser Photos

Their teaser photos look awfully similar.

Vietnamese girl group, SGO48 has recently faced controversy for allegedly plagiarizing IZ*ONE‘s teaser photos from late last year.

Back on November 2, IZ*ONE released gorgeous teaser photos showing the members dressed in pastel colors and surrounded by flowers.


But just a month ago on February 13, the Vietnamese girl group, SGO48 released their teaser photos, which many believe look a lot like those of IZ*ONE.

Just as a comparison, here are some side-by-side photos of both SGO48 and IZ*ONE’s teaser photos:

The photos looked so similar in the eyes of many, that the girl group is being accused of plagiarism.

In response to the revelation, netizens are expressing their disbelief and suspicion of the number “48” in the group’s name since IZ*ONE debuted through a show called Produce 48.

I’m speechless

They’re actually a real group. What happened…?

On top of that, their group name has “48” in it, hahahaha.

The theme is pretty though.

I’m not even surprised.

The controversy is currently trending online among netizens, but SGO48’s agency, YAG Entertainment has yet to make a comment on the issue.

Source: The Qoo