Viewers Protest Against Actress Yoo In Na’s Appearance In A Historical Special Due To Her Involvement With “Snowdrop”

They have been spamming the viewers board.

As the displeasure surrounding K-Drama Snowdrop grows, viewers are not backing down despite the injunction against the show being dismissed. One of the sub-female leads in the show, actress Yoo In Na, is being opposed from being on other shows by viewers.

Yoo In Na is set to participate in the narration for a historical special on KBS. The special, UHD Historical Special: The Museum Is Alive, was set to have Yoo In Na narrate the role of the museum guide. However, viewers have been expressing their displeasure about her role on the KBS viewers board.

The issue is even more sensitive as South Koreans largely view Snowdrop as a historically inaccurate drama that romanticizes misdeeds of the National Security Agency. Having Yoo In Na in a narrative role of a historical special hit a sore spot for the viewers.

Many have been expressing their displeasure.

  • “Requesting for a change in actors for the UHD Historical Special”

  • “A documentary that doesn’t care about views is good”
  • “If it’s a historical special, why have you thrown aside your historical recognition…”
  • “Why do you cast aside professional voice actors to cast someone that appeared in a drama romanticizing the NSA…”
  • “I’m against the actor Yoo In Na who participated in a drama that distorts history”
  • “About the narration by actor Yoo In Na who participated in a drama that distorts history”

KBS has yet to give a statement on the matter.

Source: Sports KH