Here’s How “Vincenzo” Actor Song Joong Ki Filmed His Scenes In Italy… Without Ever Having Gone To Italy

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In a recent Netflix video, actor Song Joong Ki revealed that he has never been to Italy. So then… how did those beautiful “supposed-to-be-in-Italy” scenes in tvN‘s new hit K-Drama Vincenzo come about?

Actor Song Joong Ki in “Vincenzo.” | tvN

In a special behind-the-scenes video shared by tvN, Vincenzo viewers got to see the impressive amount of computer graphic work that went into creating “Digitaly,” the digital Italy!

From transforming an average warehouse exterior into a seriously-believable romanesque architecture…

… to perfecting the reflection of the Digitaly on Song Joong Ki’s car…

… the production team made 200% sure that Vincenzo‘s in-Italy scenes remain as realistic as possible to the viewers!

While initially the production team had scheduled some filming to take place in Italy, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic definitely played into eventual decision to work with VFX. The production team revealed in an interview that “all scenes with Song Joong Ki in them have been filmed in Korea and edited with VFX” to create that Italian aesthetic.

That being said, Vincenzo viewers remain impressed by not only the production team’s incredible editing skills, but also the actor’s most convincing portrayal of the character — despite having to imagine Italy surrounded by nothing but blue screens!

| theqoo

And thanks to the cast and production team’s stellar cooperation, Vincenzo continues to soar in viewer ratings.

Watch the full video here.

Source: Hankyung and theqoo