Vintage Clothing Store Under Fire For Trying To Sell Clothes Worn By (G)-IDLE Members

An honest mistake or a cover up?

A popular vintage clothing store recently got in trouble with fans for allegedly trying to sell stage outfits of (G)-IDLE members.

| @official_g_i_dle/Instagram

Vintage Santa is a secondhand clothing store based in Seoul, one of the best-known thrifting destinations in Hongdae, to fish for brands like Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Burberry, and Supreme. But this prestigious shop came under scrutiny on February 18, after the business’s Instagram account posted multiple listings for (G)-IDLE’s stage outfits.

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The caption read, “Trying #gidle fashion?? Stage outfit items worn by (G)I-DLE are now in stock both online/offline at Vintage Santa.”

In a separate post, the account advertised a mini dress worn by Shuhua with the caption, “The WIDOW eyelet detail mini dress worn by (G) I-DLE’s Shuhua as well as many other women’s clothes and accessories can be found via our online store.”

Subsequently, some fans reached out to the store for queries, asking for clarification on whether these items were just from the same brands or the actual pieces worn by (G)-IDLE members. Vintage Santa replied to a fan’s DM, saying, “We intentionally did not clarify this in the original post, but yes, these are the items worn by the members. We didn’t mention it on the post to prevent legal issues, as we did not have direct contact with the agency.”

Soon enough, word got around that the store was trying to sell clothes worn by (G)-IDLE without the approval of Cube Entertainment, and fans started to push back against Vintage Santa. When the criticism got severe, the store made a  new post, clarifying that the items listed in the previous posts were actually from the same brand and not the original pieces worn by the group since the store doesn’t have any association with the label of the stylist. They also sent a new reply to the fan’s DM they had previously answered, saying that their employee had given them the wrong information.

Despite the clarification offered by the brand, fans are doubtful if that is the truth. Some are speculating that the members or Cube might have donated the outfits, while others are suspicious that the label or the stylist did this behind the group’s back for personal profits.