VIVIZ Cancels Upcoming Concert Schedule In Light Of Poor Condition

Get well soon, girls!

Fans were enraged when VIVIZ were forced to plow on with their scheduled performance at the We Bridge Expo after the tragic news of ASTRO Moonbin‘s passing. Two of the VIVIZ members, SinB and Umji, were known to be extremely close friends of Moonbin.

Following their performance, the Hi-Touch event was subsequently canceled for SinB and Umji as the girls fell into a worse condition.

It looks like the girls are still in bad condition as their fan club manager has announced that an upcoming concert schedule will be canceled.

Official notice. | VIVIZ Daum Cafe

Hello. This is VIVIZ’s fan club manager. Due to the members’ poor condition, the scheduled appearance on April 29 at SBS’s Cultwo Power Concert will be canceled.

The company will do its best so that our artists are able to recover quickly.

We ask for the generous understanding of Na.V.

Thank you.

β€” BPM VIVIZ fan club manager

Fans were previously highly outraged at the company forcing the girls to continue on with their overseas schedules despite the tragic news. Read more about it below.

Netizen Outrage Toward BPM Entertainment Grows As VIVIZ’s SinB and Umji Cancel Hi-Touch Event Appearance Due To “Poor Condition”

Source: Daum Cafe


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