What’s Next? VIVIZ Has Big Plans And Goals For The Future — Including Potential Collaborations

“My goal is the same as it was before…”

Since re-debuting in February 2022, VIVIZ members EUNHA, SINB, and UMJI have been pursuing big dreams. With “BOP BOP!” and its remixes trending worldwide, this rookie-but-not-so-rookie girl group is only getting started!


So, what’s next? In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, VIVIZ members shared their goals going forward. Putting together and promoting “BOP BOP!” as a trio, VIVIZ “weren’t sure.” According to SINB, the members underwent some stress during the preparation to go from GFRIEND to VIVIZ. Eventually though, VIVIZ “had fun…creating performances that showed [their] colors.”

SINB | Big Planet Made

Since it was our first promotion as the current trio, we weren’t sure what type of song would fit us and had many difficulties deciding on our title track. In the end, however, we found the song ‘BOP BOP!’ We had fun during this promotion, creating performances that showed our colors…


Now, VIVIZ’s “top priority” is to “find [another] song that suits [them].” UMJI explained that while “there isn’t a certain concept, per se,” the idea is to stay true to the group name. EUNHA added that, even though the members have sized down to a trio, their goals have not changed since their GFRIEND times.

EUNHA | Big Planet Made

UMJI: Our top priority is to find a song that suits us. There isn’t a certain concept per se, but we plan to show off a wide array of vivid colors—like our name, VIVIZ, means. We hope our music will always be enjoyable to the eyes and ears!

EUNHA: My goal is the same as it was before. I hope to continue to perform and sing on stage and be loved. I want to try everything I can as a singer.

In the future, VIVIZ members would like to pursue television appearances and even collaborations with other K-Pop artists. Having starred in Mnet‘s competition program Queendom 2 recently, SINB would love more interaction with the show’s “Grand Master” Taeyeon as well as her co-star and girl group sunbae Hyolyn.

Taeyeon (left) and Hyolyn (right) for “Queendom 2” | @xhyolynx/Instagram

I thought it would be really fun to go on the TV program Amazing Saturday with our Grand Master Taeyeon. I think it’d be fun because all of us are sharp-eared, and we know a lot of songs!

Also, an artist I want to collaborate with would be Hyolyn, of course. We’ve wanted an opportunity to perform with her.


With all the passion for the stage and the future that VIVIZ has, one thing is clear: It won’t be long before EUNHA, SINB, and UMJI make these dreams come true!

| @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

Listen to “BOP BOP!” here.