Netizens Show Mixed Response To Queendom 2 Viviz And Kep1er Scene

“I was really upset. Why us? Why?”

Many netizens displayed mixed reactions to the voting scene in the most recent episode of Queendom 2.

On the Queendom 2 episode, which aired on April 7, the scores of the first performance was revealed. LOONA, who couldn’t perform due to COVID 19, did not receive a score.

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In the episode, competing groups voted competitors as one rank above or a rank below themselves. Although groups were given the option not to vote for any other competing group above them, groups had to vote for a competitor below themselves.

WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) voted for Kep1er, who voted for Viviz. Hyolyn and Brave Girls also voted for Viviz.

Kep1er in Queendom 2 | Queendom 2/Mnet

Newly debuted group Kep1er unanimously picked VIVIZ and apologized to the group when they cast their vote. Kep1er’s leader Yujin stated she thought VIVIZ was amazing but, after seeing Hyolyn, chose to vote for them.

SinB stated, “I’m not sure if they meant they didn’t consider the other groups, or if Kep1er really meant we were below them,” before resigning to the fact they had been picked.

Kep1er in Queendom 2 | Queendom 2/Mnet

Viviz looked uncomfortable when the other groups picked them as beneath them. SinB stated, “I was really upset. Why us? Why? If I say anything more, I think I’m going to curse.”

Sin B in Queendom 2 | Queendom 2/Mnet

Once all scores were tallied up, Hyolyn placed first, followed by WJSN, Viviz, Kep1er, and Brave Girls. LOONA was not included due to COVID 19.

Many netizens showed mixed reactions to the scene, with some writing, “I’m not even a Viviz fan, but I felt mad for them,” “Why did they have to announce that the decision was unanimous?,” “If they voted unanimously, don’t they then have to explain why?” Why did they screech before voting? It’s crazy seeing Gfriend (Viviz’s previous group) being treated like this.”

Viviz in Queendom 2 | Queendom 2/Mnet

Other netizens defended Kep1er, saying, “They are just rookies, so they might have not best explained themselves, but I don’t think it is a big deal,” “I think they couldn’t explain themselves well because they are rookies and can’t just straight up tell them that they suck,” and, “I think you should watch this strictly for entertainment purposes.”

What do you think? Take a look at the video below and see for yourself!

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