VIVIZ’s SinB Leaves A Touching Note For ASTRO’s Moonbin At His Memorial

“… I’ll be the only one growing old now, it seems.”

The many stars of K-Pop have all been mourning ASTRO Moonbin‘s tragic passing. Fantagio has since set up a memorial space in the company’s parking lot for fans and friends to come and commemorate the star. VIVIZ‘s SinB is the latest star to visit the space, expressing her sorrow through a heartfelt letter.

SinB is well-known to be one of Moonbin’s closest friends. She spent her childhood with him, learning to dance side by side.

| theqoo

Bin-ah, it’s me, Eunbi. How is it over there? Is it filled with the things you like? I really hope it is so. We’ve known each other for so long, right? Since we were kids. But even though I’ve known you for 18 years, there were still times when I felt shy and was prickly to you. I regret that so much, not being able to say pretty words to you.

I’ve been regretting things, sad, remembering things, and sorry, all for quite some time. I think I spent the entire day thinking about you too. I can totally see you up there, thinking I’m so unfamiliar, sighing and being like, ‘ugh, why is she like that?’ So be more understanding of me!

There really soooo many words I want to say but I’ll take my time and tell you bit by bit. Bin-ah, just like how you’ve always asked me to, I will take care of Sua and your parents. So don’t worry about a thing and just live for your own happiness.

I was so happy and felt so reassured having been together with you from our kiddy days, in our teens and twenties. I thought that I would grow old with you, until we became grandpas and grandmas. But I’ll be the only one growing old now, it seems. Watch me get old up there, and laugh at me and tease me all you want! Later when we meet, let’s bicker and fight to our hearts’ content.

Bin-ah, you were a precious and reliable friend to me, becoming a strength to me just by existing as you. I’m sorry for only saying this now. If someone asks me who my closest friend was, I will be able to say without hesitation, just like I do now, that it’s you!

My pride, the cool Bin, you’re soooo precious! I’ll come to visit you lots. Rest in peace. I’m so sorry and sorry again. Know that I love you! Thank you and I love you, you brat.


— SinB

Staff have been laminating other celebrities’ tributes to Moonbin and hanging them nearby the tree with a yellow ribbon. Rest in peace, angel.

Source: theqoo
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