VIXX’s Leo Personally Opens Up About Military Enlistment, Panic Disorder, and Depression In Letter To Fans

He bravely opened up about his mental health.

VIXX‘s Leo has personally revealed through a letter to fans his upcoming military enlistment, and also confirmed what some fans have already known for a while.

In the letter, he first talks about his late military enlistment.

Hello Starlight. Today, I am going to be writing about something you all have been curious about.

As you all know, I was born in 1990, and on December 2, I will be enlisting in the military, a little bit later than normal. I will be serving as a public service worker, not a regular soldier.

— Leo

He then explained why his enlistment would be as a public service worker, and not a regular soldier.

Fans who know a lot about me may already know this story. I have been suffering from depression and severe panic disorder since VIXX’s World Tour fan meeting in November 2013. Up until now, I have been taking medication so that my condition does not become worse.

I have always thought that I should show my fans that I am serving in the military with good health, so my heart feels heavy in many different ways that I am not able to do so, even though I am enlisting late. First of all, to the people who are worried that I am hurting, and also to the people who may be disappointed, I am truly sorry.

— Leo

Leo mentioned that there were times he wanted to quit while promoting, but he was able to stay strong due to the support of Starlight around the world.

I know you all are very worried about my work, and you aren’t able to directly show your concerns for me. During the seven or 8 years with VIXX, there were many times where things were so difficult, that I wanted to stop. But I was able to regain strength and move forward due to Starlight, my Muse. I exist because of you.

I want to say something to everyone who has supported me for the past 8 years and loved VIXX. It’s because of you guys, that I, that VIXX is possible. I will never forget this gratefulness, this appreciation. I will do my best to be your Muse, to be Jung Taek Woon, and repay your all with songs that will comfort and bring you strength.

— Leo

Finally, he finished out his letter by thanking Starlight once again, and told fans he will be together with them for a long time.

I have received so much from everyone, that I feel sorry, not thankful. I will work hard to complete my military service and become healthier, so I can repay you all.

I would like to bow my head and show my sincere gratitude to everyone who has loved me more than I have loved myself, and who have given me strength and watched over me. Our Starlight who have always been at the center… Again, I am sorry for creating another worry for you. And I love you. In the future, I am leaving the younger VIXX members to you, please take good care of them.

From. Taek Woon. I will do better so I can keep going on for a long time.

— Leo

Jellyfish Entertainment has also commented on Leo’s enlistment.

Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about VIXX Leo’s military enlistment.

VIXX Leo will begin serving in public service on December 2. Leo has been suffering from panic disorder and depression since 2013, and has tried to overcome it through medication, but inevitably, he was declared to serve as a public service worker.

Other details about this are private, and we will not confirm them, please understand.

We are sorry that we were unable to show a healthy side of Leo. Please continue to send him your support.

Thank you.

— Jellyfish Entertainment

Source: News1 and Xportnews