VIXX’s N Revealed to Have Donated His Military Savings to Help Victims of the Coronavirus Outbreak

He donated everything he earned in the last year while serving in the military.

Jellyfish Entertainment reported that VIXX‘s N made a donation toward the coronavirus cause in Korea with the military earnings he had saved in the last year.


The agency announced, “VIXX’s N donated his total military earnings of 4.2 million won (~$3500 USD) that he had saved in the last year.


Despite not making very much money while serving in the military N emptied his savings account in order to help in the prevention and treatment of the major outbreak of COVID-19 that’s been taking place in Korea.

It’s predicted that the 4.2 million won that he donated was everything he had earned during his 1 year in the military.

What makes it especially meaningful is the fact that it has been exactly 1 year since he enlisted in the military.

The money that N donated to Hope Bridge will be spent to help the self-isolated victims, medical professionals, as well as the materials needed to prevent and treat COVID-19 cases.


Source: Insight