VIXX’s N Releases Stunning Mashup Dance Video To Celebrate The Group’s Tenth Anniversary

Everything N does is so beautiful.

On May 24, 2012, VIXX debuted under Jellyfish Entertainment with the song “Super Hero”.

The group was small and rather unknown at first, but through hard work and unique concepts, VIXX became quite popular in the industry for coming from such a lesser-known company! They were even given the names “Concept-dols” and “Concept Kings” due to their dedication to unusual, thrilling, and sometimes dark concepts.

They’ve even won 30 music show awards over their career so far, making them the 12th most-awarded K-Pop boy group to date.

Today marked a decade since this iconic group debuted, and to celebrate, leader and main dancer N posted a special video for Starlights to enjoy!

The video featured N and several backup dancers performing a mashup of various songs, including several of VIXX’s most well-known hits. The opening was taken from “On and On”…

… And next up was the chorus of “Voodoo Doll”!

After a break with a non-VIXX song, the mashup continues with arguably one of their most well-known tracks, “Chained Up”.

A couple more non-VIXX songs are included in the mix afterwards, showcasing N’s versatility and grace in his dancing abilities. Then, VIXX’s most recent title track (which came out in 2018), “Scentist”, starts playing.

The next long portion of the choreography video features a solo performance that N first released back in 2018. The dance is performed beautifully to the song “Fate” by Lee Sunhee, perfectly capturing the elegance and emotions of the music.

Finally, the mashup finishes with a portion of the group’s stunning “Shangri-La” choreography, which wrapped up the entire performance perfectly!

Though it has been four years since VIXX’s last comeback, the five remaining members recently had a livestream together for the first time since 2019, igniting some hope in fans that they might end up releasing new music someday!

You can watch the whole choreography routine below.