VIXX’s Ravi Admits To Charges, Court Dismisses Arrest Warrant For Trying To Avoid Military Service

The court judged the investigation unnecessary.

The arrest warrant of VIXX’s Ravi, suspected of trying to escape military service by forging a medical history of epilepsy, has been dismissed. According to the court, deputy judge Kim Ji Sook of the Seoul Southern District Court stated, “It is hard to say that there is a risk of escape and evidence destruction,” and dismissed the arrest warrant.

The court judged the investigation unnecessary, as Ravi acknowledged the charges. Judge Kim stated, “The charges are heavy, but in light of the objective evidence collected so far, the suspect recognizes the charges. His residence and jobs are constant, and if you sum up various circumstances, such as social ties, it is hard to say that there is a necessity and considerable need for the suspect at this stage.”

Previously, the Seoul Southern Prosecutor’s Office special investigation team filed a warrant for Ravi on March 2. He was prosecuted for the suspicion that he avoided military service through a military broker, who was handed over to trial for faking an epilepsy diagnosis.

Earlier, the prosecution passed 23 people to trial, starting with the core broker “Mr. Gu,” and is under investigation. In addition to Ravi, more than 100 people, including people in the professional sports and entertainment field, are said to have been subject to investigation.

Source: newsis