VIXX RAVI’s Alleged Involvement With Illegal Military Broker Takes A New Turn

Netizens have mixed reactions to the update.

VIXX’s RAVI was recently under fire for his alleged involvement with an illegal military broker, identified as “Mr. Gu.” Last month, several media reports claimed that the rapper was suspected of having forged a medical history of epilepsy in cahoots with the broker to escape military duty. They also stated that the rapper had withdrawn from a variety show in May last year due to his military enlistment and then enlisted as a social service worker in October.

RAVI’s label, GROOVL1N, published a statement mentioning that they are monitoring the claims and will offer a clarification once they figure out the details themselves. Now, new media reports have revealed that RAVI has not been included in the list of suspects that the prosecution will be investigating regarding the military broker corruption issue.

Netizens Show A Mixed Response To GROOVL1N’s “Vague” Statement Addressing Allegations Surrounding RAVI’s Military Exemption

According to Hankuk Ilbo, the joint investigation team of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office and the Military Manpower Administration has indicted 47 people without detention so far. It includes 42 professional sports players and actors and five family members and acquaintances who helped them. Though RAVI has been excluded from this list, the prosecutor’s office plans to keep on investigating him and the others who were left out of the indictment.

The initial accusations put a significant dent in RAVI’s reputation as a celebrity in South Korea. Though this news is somewhat redeeming for his image, some netizens still don’t seem fully convinced of his innocence.

  • “Don’t people who are really falsely accused normally come out with clear statements adamantly declaring their innocence? They always hold out by claiming that they’ll actively cooperate with the investigations, and if they’re caught, they apologize, and if they’re not, then it’s fine…It feels kind of like that. I’m not talking about RAVI specifically, but all these cases are similar..”
  • “How dare he claim a false epilepsy diagnosis? Does he not understand how difficult it is for people who really suffer from them?!!!!!”
  • “If he’s epileptic, how has he been able to promote on TV all this time? amazing.”
Source: Hankook Ilbo
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