VIXX’s Leo Shares Chilling Screenshot On Instagram And Pleads Haters To Stop Sending Rude DMs

“I’m pleading with you all”

VIXX member Leo just shared a response to an Instagram story that had some very serious accusations against him.

The user DMed Leo with these words:

Oppa did you only want to e** my body? Why are you making me ask these types of questions? I really wish you would die. Why is it that so many years have passed and I’m still in this shi**y situation? What did you take me for?

-Unknown Instagram User

The unknown Instagram user continued to harass Leo by saying,

Doesn’t it get frustrating for you to hide in your tiny home? Oppa, how come I don’t really get to see your face but you get to see my body?

— Unknown Instagram User

The accusations only grew worse as the user went on.

Don’t you think that’s sexual harassment? Did you at least enjoy it?

—Unknown Instagram User

The VIXX member responded by writing on top of the DMs he received in purple font:

I’m pleading with you all. I’ll admit that I don’t see or respond to most of my messages. However, please don’t be rude and ruin a place where Starlights (fans) can come to share their heartfelt stories by writing such things. I’m only responding because it’s not just 1 or 2 people that have done this.


Leo then took to his Twitter to follow up with:

Let’s not hurt one another but rather comfort each other.


He continued by tweeting:

I’m just going to pass it over. However, let’s not do that to one another because it’s too precious of a window. There’s not even enough time to listen to just good things.


What a mature way to handle such an unsettling situation.


Source: theqoo and Naver