BTS’s Jimin Explains Why He Cried At “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E”

He shared his story in a new live broadcast.

BTS‘s latest virtual concert, MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, was an emotional reunion for the members and their fans. Jimin became so overwhelmed during his ending speech that he began to cry.

Since the encore, I couldn’t really focus…” he told fans. “Preparing for this show… Before we started preparing for this show, I kind of felt like things are going really unfair. Because of COVID-19…

I mean, more than anything, I wanted to perform on stage with the members and share the happiness with you guys,” he continued. When the sound of ARMY’s voices filled his ears, Jimin couldn’t hold back his tears.

Today, in a surprise live broadcast called, “I’m here, Jimin explained why he cried that day. He talked about MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, his pandemic concerns, rehearsals for his solo song “Filter”, and much more.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

On Day 1 of the concert, Jimin knew BTS was being live-streamed for fans, but he had no idea that the reverse was true too. The sea of ARMYs on the screens around BTS were live, not prerecorded.

Jimin didn’t find out until he asked J-Hope. When J-Hope confirmed it, Jimin suddenly got choked up during the encore performance of “RUN”. MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E was closest BTS had come to seeing ARMY in person since the pandemic began.

After the concert, Jimin felt peaceful and happy, having heard ARMY’s cheers and felt their hearts beating in time with his. It’s unlikely that BTS will perform in person this year, but Jimin is looking forward to seeing ARMY in 2021.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive


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