ZEROBASEONE Fans Urge WAKEONE To Protect Kim Jiwoong

He was recently accussed of cursing during a call.

ZEROBASEONE‘s (also known as ZB1) Kim Jiwoong was recently accused of cursing after a virtual fanmeeting.


According to allegations, a fan heard Jiwoong say shibal, or “f*ck” in Korean, when he thought the call had ended. Due to the lag between the video and audio being cut off, it ended up being recorded.

Do you usually say f*ck after talking to fans? I’m not sure so I’m asking other Zerozes’ thoughts.

— Fan

His company, WAKEONE, later claimed they would uncover the truth with the help of forensics. WAKEONE previously released a statement regarding various crimes against ZEROBASEONE, which netizens found suspicious.

Following the controversy, a union organized protest trucks calling for Jiwoong’s withdrawal. The union previewed the visuals for the trucks on February 5, 2024. The post included the hashtags “Kimjiwoong_leave_ifyouhaveaconscience” and “pleaseleavethegroupkimjiwoong.”

  • Mr. Kim Jiwoong, hurry and leave. (Word play on the Korean words for “Mr.” and “hurry” to form the word for f*ck in Korean, “Sshibal.”)
  • We voted so you could debut, but what we get in return are curses. Kim Jiwoong, leave the group.
  • If you forcibly continue this way, all ZEROSES will leave. The oldest hyung who is being a nuisance to his 8 dongsaengs.
  • Kim Jiwoong, the sole nuisance member, who turned his group into one that hates fans, should leave.

Despite the union and many netizens pushing for Jiwoong’s removal, his loyal fans will continue to stay by his side and fight for his protection. Many are trending, “I STAND WITH JIWOONG” and “WE LOVE YOU KIM JIWOONG.”

ZEROSES are also urging WAKEONE to protect Jiwoong against defamation. Many are directly contacting the company via email in addition to tagging the company on social media.

Read WAKEONE’s initial statement below.

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