“Stuff Of Nightmares”: Video Of A Sasaeng Opening Wang Yibo’s Van Door Goes Viral

Some netizens believe it’s an anti-fan, but regardless, everyone is voicing their concern.

K-Pop idols have many supportive and encouraging fans who simply want to enjoy the content their idol releases for them. But, unfortunately, there are also many sasaeng “fans” who cross boundaries as obsessed, stalker “fans.”

K-Pop idols and netizens have continually called sasaengs out. Recently BTS‘s Jungkook called out fans who followed him to his private schedules.

And many idols have voiced their frustration with sasaengs interrupting their live broadcasts.

And now netizens are calling out another alleged sasaeng who managed to open the door to Wang Yibo‘s van.

Wang Yibo

The viral clip shows the sasaeng fan walking near Wang Yibo’s van.

| @melonconsumer/Twitter 

Before grabbing the handle of the van door, which shockingly opened. Even as the van kept moving, the sasaeng tried to get into the vehicle.

| @melonconsumer/Twitter 

Before the driver stopped the van, getting out and preventing her from entering. And other staff also quickly moved her away from the van.

| @melonconsumer/Twitter 

Netizens were shocked at the viral clip, wondering how she could open the van door so easily.

Some netizens are suggesting that the door wasn’t locked because some car doors auto-lock after the car has driven far enough.

Regardless, netizens are voicing their concern about how easy it was for her to get the door open.

And many are demanding stricter action against people like this who compromise artists’ safety.

Notably, some netizens allege that the person in the video is an anti-fan trying to “create problems.”

But regardless of her identity, netizens can all agree that this type of behavior is unacceptable and fans hope that more action will be taken to protect Wang Yibo and other celebrities.

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