Wanna One Fans Break Down Airport Doors On Their Way To See Their Idols

The Wanna One fans and press stampeded through the airport’s glass doors, eventually breaking it off from the frame.

Any famous idol group or celebrity goes through a series of debacle when making an appearance at an airport.


However, Wanna One caused quite a stir when they arrived at Incheon International Airport when their fans and awaiting press stampeded over the entrance to get a closer look at them.


The crowd got so out of hand that the sliding glass doors broke down. The behavior of both fans and press present were heavily criticized online as evidence of the incident emerged.


The group was on their way to Chile for KBS Music Bank when the fans and press hoarded through the glass doors, putting too much pressure onto the automatic doors.


The door was torn from the door frame, and the repairs are expected to be costly.


This, of course, is not new in the history of Korean airports.


Late last year, TVXQ suffered the same ordeal after the fans collided with the press, causing damage to the LED TV display.

Frenzied TVXQ! Fans Destroy Gimpo Airport Property 


Source: Instiz

Wanna One

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