WANNA ONE Fans Upset After Daehwi Spotted Holding A Cigar Box

Daehwi was pictured holding a tin case with a cigar brand’s logo printed on top.

Fans are furious to find WANNA ONE member Daehwi holding what seems to be a tobacco tin case in the group’s latest mini-album teaser.

Fans are outraged because Daewhi is a minor who’s 17-years-old.


After finding out Ritmeester is a cigar brand, fans are blaming YMC Entertainment and CJ Entertainment agencies for not catching this.

  • “Daewhi probably doesn’t even know what he’s holding.”
  • “What is YMC thinking? I am so angry.”
  • “Do you think YMC did this on purpose?”


Some fans suggested the tin case is being used as a simple prop and carries no meaning. However, fans found matches in the desk in front of Daewhi and can’t help but connect the dots.


Ritmeester is, in fact, one of the oldest cigar makers of the world.


YMC Entertainment has yet to make an explanation or take down the teaser.


Wanna One

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