This Former Wanna One Member Is Releasing His First Mini-Album

Exciting news for Wanna One fans!

On March 6, Fantiago announced that one of their artists would be coming out with his first mini album – and the idol used to star in the much-loved group Wanna One!

Former-member and now solo artist Ong Seongwu is stated to be releasing this album on March 25. The mini-album, titled LAYERS, features songs that the idol helped write and compose himself. The label said that due to his contribution, “[Seongwu]’s emotions will be well delivered through the tracks”.

Seongwu took part in season two of Mnet‘s competitive show, Produce 101, back in 2017. After ranking as one of the top trainees in the show, he joined the Produce 101-formed group Wanna One on August 7, 2017.

Since Wanna One was a temporary group, they disbanded in December 2018, where Seongwu then pursued a solo career in acting and singing. He debuted as an actor in JTBC‘s drama At Eighteen in 2019, and released a digital solo called “We Belong” on January 9 this year. It will be great to hear more works from this talented artist!

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