Wanna One’s Kang Daniel Already Reached 1 Million Followers On Instagram

He did it all in a matter of hours and 4 simple posts!

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel opened up his personal Instagram account for the first time since his debut 2 years ago.


He opened his account under the handle, @thisisdaniel_k, and in about half a day, he reached over 1 million followers!


He achieved this incredible feat with four simple posts, starting with a beautiful selfie where he announced the opening of his personal account.

“HELLO 👋🏻@thisisdaniel_k OPEN #강다니엘 #KangDaniel”

— Kang Daniel


He soon uploaded another selfie – but this time on a plane – as he wished his fans a happy new year!

“happy new year 💕”

— Kang Daniel


He then uploaded a photo of himself showing off his award from the MBC Entertainment Awards.


Lastly, he uploaded a short collage of the past year!

“From 2018.✉️”

— Kang Daniel


Here’s to more Instagram-able memories with Kang Daniel in 2019!

Wanna One

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