Wanna One’s Bodyguards Are Their Actual Biggest Fans

These photos of them with the members prove it!

Fans were recently swooning over Wanna One Kang Daniel’s cute relationship with his bodyguard…

Kang Daniel’s Wholesome Relationship With His Bodyguard Is Melting Fans’ Hearts


But it turns out, this bodyguard has a great relationship with all the Wanna One members!


In fact, by the way he treats the members, he may well be one of Wanna One’s biggest fans!


According to fans, this security guard always plays around with the members and is always taking good care of them.


Moreover, both the Wanna One members and the guard always seem to be smiling and having a great time when they’re together.


And as a result, fans have grown to love the security guard for it.

  • “He’s totally Wanna One’s father lol.”
  • “I wasn’t expecting much but this is like a baby book.”
  • “He’s awesome.”
  • “Lol this is so hilarious. But that security guard is kind of the type who’s cold on the outside and warm on the inside lol.”
  • “I can tell the members really like the guard that parts his hair 2:8.”
  • “I love that guard! He’s so cute and is so good to the members.”
  • “Seriously that 2:8 hair security guard is their father lol. I love him.”


In fact, some Wannables have even become fans of the security guard himself!

“Lol doesn’t this look like a father playing with his son? This security guard is so cheerful he’s the best! He’s so cute! I love the combination of the members and the security guard nims!”

“Please protect Wanna One forever! He’s playful, listens to the members carefully and is just so cute!”


Now fans hope that the Wanna One members and their security guards will be able to maintain the wonderful relationships they’ve built until the very end!

Source: Pann Nate

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