WANT Dance Crew Proves The Strength Of Idol Dancers With 3 Special Guests

WANT, fighting!

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One of the recurring themes throughout Street Woman Fighter has been the way the street dancers view idols. Many of the contestants have expressed that they see idol dancers as drastically different from them due to their different training methods and focuses. At the heart of this discussion has been Lee Chaeyeon, the former main dancer of IZ*ONE, and member of the WANT dance crew.

Lee Chaeyeon. | @chaestival_Instagram

WANT has always stood by Chaeyeon’s side despite the harsh comments other contestants make, and their upcoming performance may be their way of firing back! A new clip of next week’s episode shows WANT performing to “Turn Up The Music” and they’re joined by three special guests: Weki Meki‘s YoojungLOONA‘s Yves, and Lee Young Ji!

Yves from LOONA. | @loonatheworld/Twitter
Lee Young Ji. | @youngji_02/Instagram

As woman musicians themselves, Yoojung, Yves, and Lee Young Ji are the perfect trio to show their support for Chaeyeon! Furthermore, Yoojung was previously a member of I.O.I, a group put together by a survival show just like IZ*ONE.

Choi Yoojung from Weki Meki. | @dbeoddl__/Instagram

Fans are super stoked to see the trio dance alongside WANT and are praising them for bringing in some of the most recognized dancers in the idol industry!

The next episode of Street Woman Fighter will air on September 21, 2021. Check out a clip from the performance below!

And here’s the official video posted by Mnet!

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