The Way aespa’s Giselle Treats Fans In Paris Showcases Her True Personality

“Giselle being showered with kind words from French MYs…”

As aespa arrive in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, Giselle‘s true personality shined through her heartwarming interactions with fans.

Giselle | @aespa_official/Twitter

As brand ambassadors for luxury brand Givenchy, the members of aespa were invited to the Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week.

Aespa | Givenchy

Despite some issues with NingNing‘s trip there, the members all arrived to an extremely warm welcome. In fact, as fans got to see them up close and take pictures, aespa gained attention for their unreal visuals in person. And for easily proving their fashion icon status too!

But perhaps more importantly, they gained attention for the wholesome interactions they shared with MYs—something that Giselle has been particularly praised for.

Giselle | @aespa_official/Twitter

She was not only attentively greet as many people as possible…

…but according to lucky fans, she also took the time to sign autographs for everyone who was there.

| @CherrystarxX008/Twitter 

In fact, everywhere she went, Giselle looked like she was going out of her way to interact with fans and sign autographs!

She was heartily praised for her behavior toward fans…

With MYs pointing out that the evidence of Giselle’s truly kind personality keeps building up every day.

And of course, the love goes both ways!

Giselle has consistently proven that she is not only one of the most talented idols in SM Entertainment, but she is also a truly kind person!

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