Aespa Are Leaving Fans Stunned With Their Real-Life Visuals In Paris

“I’m shaking, they’re so pretty!”

Aespa are officially in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, and they are leaving everyone stunned with their visuals IRL.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

The group made history by becoming the first-ever brand ambassador for the luxury fashion brand Givenchy in 2021. Naturally, they were invited to attend Givenchy’s 2022 show at Paris Fashion Week as special guests.

Though there were some issues with NingNing‘s trip to Paris, the members have finally all arrived in the city ready to serve looks. And they have already been gaining attention before the show even starts!

Dressed in all-black Givenchy fits, the members impressed with their classy young CEO vibes.

Giselle | @baeriuc/Twitter

But more importantly, they left fans stunned with their natural visuals. While aespa is a group that has often gone viral for their unreal appearance, fans who saw them up close couldn’t help but gush over how gorgeous they look in person.

MYs were happy to see the members’ natural beauty shine through in fan-taken unwhitewashed pictures!

Aespa have consistently proven just why they were chosen to be brand ambassadors for Givenchy, and their arrival in Paris is no exception. The members truly embody effortless class and beauty!

And to think they’re only just getting started…