WayV Ate Each Other’s Boogers And Didn’t Find Out Until Now

Hendery wasn’t ready to learn the truth 😂

When chatting with BuzzFeed UK, WayV‘s Ten shared a TMI about Xiaojun. Before getting on stage, Xiaojun uses a device to clear his nose and open his vocal cords.

Xiaojun and Ten. | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Naturally, one of the BuzzFeed staff wondered what happens if boogers get caught in the device. While Xiaojun tried to deny it, they hilariously ended up sharing the answer.

After seeing the device, Hendery wanted to try it. There was one problem. Instead of placing it in his nose, he put it in his mouth.

To make the moment funnier, Xiaojun admitted, “I haven’t washed it in like a month.

Hendery was utterly surprised. Causing laughter, he shouted, “I ate your booger?!

Ten added that it was specially flavored. He joked, “Yes, it’s sea salt taste.

YangYang proved their group bond by saying, “That’s how close we are.

As YangYang said, the WayV members are so close they even accidentally eat each other’s boogers. At Least Hendery found out much later rather than in the moment.


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