WayV Lucas’s First Victim Claims He Called Her Several Times After Her Accusations Went Public

She has alleged photo evidence of the call logs.

Previously, several different online netizens stepped forward with accusations that detailed their involvement with WayV‘s Lucas. With alleged photos and screenshot evidence, they began to accuse the WayV member of gaslighting them throughout their relationships.

The first victim, @ooooshiiim on Twitter was the first netizen to come forward with these allegations, but her evidence was quickly debunked by WayV fans who claimed that her photos were fabricated. Following her accusations, however, two other women stepped forward with their evidence, as they shared their experiences that were similar to @ooooshiiim’s.

WayV’s Lucas | SM Entertainment

Just a day after her initial exposé, @ooooshiiim provided even more updates regarding Lucas and his alleged gaslighting ways. She provided a series of three screenshot photos with an updated tweet describing her current emotions.

He even cheated here and there..ㅋㅋ I didn’t know that. I began to wonder if I shouldn’t have uploaded anything when people started saying it was fabricated ㅋㅋ I’m glad I didn’t answer his phone calls yesterday. I hope that there will be no more victims.

— @ooooshiiim/Twitter

With her tweet, the original Twitter user uploaded three photos that provided alleged photo proof of her conversations with Lucas. The first photo shows a timestamp of when Lucas allegedly tried to get into contact with @ooooshiiim after her accusations went live on Twitter. According to the photo, the WayV member tried to get into contact with @ooooshiiim in three separate calls before messaging her.

Screenshot of alleged message between Lucas and @ooooshiiim | @ooooshiiim/Twitter

The second photo that @ooooshiiim provided on her recent Twitter update was a back and forth conversation between the two.


@ooooshiiim: “Was a there a time when you had no feelings for me, but you still met up with me? Even though you would come over to stay with me and sleep with me.”
WayV’s Lucas: “[Blocked text] I did like you, this is the truth.”

The following photo included what seems to be an article referring to Lucas and a potential scandal from back in May. A Chinese fan sent him a message about it through their WeChat conversation and provided a link of the article. However, note that the date 5/6/21 was the same timestamp as the above photo that @ooooshiiim shared about her and Lucas’s conversation.

The timestamp suggests that Lucas was telling @ooooshiiim that he “did like [her],” all while talking to the Chinese WeChat fan at the same time.


@ooooshiiim: “I want to tell you to be careful.”
Lucas: “Hahaha”
Lucas: “It’s been awhile.”
Lucas: “Sounds good, I will.”

| SM Entertainment

While the allegations have not been confirmed nor denied, Lucas has been receiving major backlash from the public as the accusations continue to build. His largest Chinese fan club recently announced their resignation in light of the scandal, adding onto the severity of the ongoing situation.

SM Entertainment has not yet responded to the continuing rumors so stay tuned for further updates.