WayV Opens Up About Making Music And Their Relationships Without Borders

They opened up!

WayV talked about how they want their music to be considered one without borders, and how despite being from different parts of the world, those borders don’t stand in the way of friendship!

In a recent interview with Billboard, the members of WayV talked about a bunch of topics, including their discography, their passion for music and future goals as a group.


One of the topics covered was in relation to their music, and what kind of music do they hope to make. Ten opened up first, and talked about how rather than defining their group as a K-Pop or C-Pop group, he’d rather they chalk out their own path. He further determines how they want to make music that is new and entirely their own, building the foundation for what he terms “WayV Pop”.


We want to identify just as Asian pop or really just as WayV pop. I hope that will become a thing in the future.



Lucas continued to explain their stance on carving a new direction in terms of their image and music, and says that rather than focusing on the nationality of a song, it’d be much nicer to think of the song in terms of how its cultural elements are being exhibited through the medium of singers and performers.


To talk about nationality, I feel like it’s kind of old, outdated.

In this age, in this generation, in this society that we live in, you should think of it more as us drawing on our cultural elements and really just exhibiting it towards the world, and not just limiting us to our nationality.

There are no borders to music.




Moving on to the topic of their friendship, the members of WayV describe it as a familial relationship, more than a friendship. Leader Kun credits this to the fact that they’re all foreigners in Korea, brought together in a foreign country.


Because we’re all foreigners in Korea, we don’t really have levels of honorifics or hierarchy so we just treat each other as friends.

We’ve gotten so tight that we’re really more like family, and we always help each other.



Lucas adds that the group share a very “real” dynamic, in part due to their status as foreigners.

We feel that we have a very real relationship, especially because we come from different parts of the world and have come together to be in a group together.

It shows our determination and passion to be together, and we also depend on each other and receive help from one another.




Hendery then adds that they’re close because they respect and understand one another, while Xiaojun adds one more factor for their close relationship: their mutual love for music.

There’s one more reason [that we’re close]: because we all truly love music.



WayV debuted on January 17, 2019, with their debut mini album The Vision and title track “Regular.” Following this, they have released two more mini albums, Take Off and Take Over The Moon. They also released their first English-language single from the latter album, titled “Love Talk”.

They made their Korean music show debut on October 30, and performed their title track “Moonwalk” from Take Over The Moon. They also won their first Korean rookie award at the 2019 MAMA for “Best New Asian Artist”.


Watch the MV for “Moonwalk” here!

Source: Billboard
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