Weather Reporter Kim Ga Young Is Critical Of Netflix “The Glory’s” Portrayal Of Her Profession

The weather reporter sets the record straight.

Weather reporter Kim Ga Young criticized Netflix‘s hit K-Drama The Glory for misrepresenting her profession.

Kim Ga Young | @_thegayoung/Instagram

On January 8, Kim Ga Young uploaded onto her Instagram a post in which she debunked some of the drama’s portrayal of weather reporters. In the drama, Lim Ji Yeon‘s character states she would like a job that is “just glamorous enough” and becomes a weather reporter.

A job that is just glamorous enough? (No,) a job in which you need to work really hard. With the belief that not only are you responsible for people’s everyday routines but their safety as well.

— Kim Ga Young

Kim Ga Young then called out a scene in The Glory in which Lim Ji Yeon’s character, who is a weather reporter in the drama, is seen having a team of writers working on her script.

Lim Ji Yeon’s character as a weather reporter | Netflix

According to Kim Ga Young, not only are weather reporters responsible for their own scripts, but they are responsible for the totality of their segments, including requesting computer graphics and doing their own research.

(Someone) writes our scripts for us? (No) weather reporters are responsible for everything from requesting CG graphics to researching and writing our own scripts.

— Kim Ga Young

Kim Ga Young finished her post by complimenting the drama, however, and praised Lim Ji Yeon’s acting as a weather reporter.

Lim Ji Yeon is surely a weathercaster. Jokes aside, I seriously thought she was a real weather reporter. I became more of a fan (because) of all the work she must have put in. I also stayed up all night to binge the show, but when will Season 2 and March come?

— Kim Ga Young

Kim Ga Young’s post gained credence when renowned former weather reporter Ahn Hye Kyung liked her post. Ahn Hye Kyung was a weather reporter who made her debut as a weather reporter for MBC in 2001.

Kim Ga Young has been a weather reporter for MBC since 2018 and is currently the weather reporter for MBC News Desk. Kim Ga Young is also gaining fans for her football skills on SBS‘s Kick A Goal.

Kim Ga Young on Kick A Goal | @_thegayoungkim/Instagram


Source: wikitree
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