“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Names Her 2 SEVENTEEN Biases

She revealed one before but now has a second bias.

After the success of Netflix‘s Wednesday, viewers took an interest in actress Emma Myers and soon discovered she followed many K-Pop groups on Instagram like LE SSERAFIM, STAYC, SHINee, and GOT7. Out of them all, she revealed her ultimate group is SEVENTEEN.

Emma Myers

Not only did she impress fellow Carats by having a plushy of Hoshi‘s tiger, but she became a successful fangirl by getting noticed by him. Now Emma’s become even closer with fans by sharing her two biases in the group.

| @ememyers/Instagram

During her interview with Teen Vogue, Emma previously chose Jeonghan as her bias because “there’s just something about him.” According to her recent Q&A session on Instagram, another member also has her attention.

Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

To answer a fan’s question about her SEVENTEEN bias, Emma snapped a photo of two versions of their Semicolon album: the S.Coups version and the Jeonghan version.

| Instagram

Since she’s already been noticed by Hoshi and Dino, she might become even more of a successful fangirl by getting noticed by S.Coups and Jeonghan as well.

S.Coups and Jeonghan. | @pledis_17/Twitter
Source: Teen Vogue


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